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TikTok | Clorox Scentiva

#YasClean / 2021
From TikTok

A series of Billy Porter and Clorox reinvent spring cleaning as self care. The campaign empowers consumers to reclaim the glow in their chateau with the exuberant declaration of "YAS CLEAN!" The campaigned garnered over 11 BILLION views.

In spring 20210, Clorox® Scentiva® and actor, activist and fashion icon Billy Porter are challenging consumers to reimagine their clean routine with a musically-charged TikTok transformation challenge to turn homes across the country from drab to fab. The brand is also introducing the YAS CLEAN! Sweepstakes, where one lucky winner will receive a $5,000 home makeover for themselves and $5,000 donation to a charity of their choice.*



The Idea: Cleaning is a form of self care. It makes you feel accomplished, fresh, and like an absolute QUEEN. To bring this feeling to life, we’ll partner with a music creator to create a custom track, remixing Billy Porter’s audio or “Yas Clean” catchphrases into a 🔥 song that celebrates and inaugurates drab to fab transformations.


Drive awareness and consideration for Scentiva cleaning products, keeping in mind data capture as a complementary campaign component. Make “Yas Clean” a thing.


Creative: Engage a diverse set of Creators to produce custom Scentiva videos showcasing their #YasClean drab to fab transformations.
Media: Create a story arc through immersive TikTok experiences: Hashtag Challenge, TopView, One Day Max, and In-Feed Video. Option to align with in-app shopping experiences.


Creators produce content that spotlights Scentiva and its brand archetypes, while ensuring videos feel native to the raw, real-life DNA of the platform.

Client(s): TikTok for Clorox
Creative Lead: Chris Eyerman
Lead Strategists: Dani Xavier, Nechama Muchnik, DAVID MAXWELL
Sales Executive: Jamie Johnson


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