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TikTok | BurtsBees

#TrulyGlowingSelfieLove / 2021
From TikTok

TikTok helps amplify Burt’s Bees messaging around self-love and glowing from within. We’ll use the platform to drive awareness and excitement surrounding the new Truly Glowing launch through a HTC+ that focuses on empowering people from the inside out. The campaign amassed over 9+ BILLION views.


The Idea: Cleaning is a form of self care. It makes you feel accomplished, fresh, and like an absolute QUEEN. To bring this feeling to life, we’ll partner with a music creator to create a custom track, remixing Billy Porter’s audio or “Yas Clean” catchphrases into a 🔥 song that celebrates and inaugurates drab to fab transformations.


Burt’s Bees line of Truly Glowing products don’t seek to make you look different or “better,” but rather amplify who you already are and make you glow from the inside out. This is in an effort to connect with a more authentic consumer who is in touch with who they are. These products are designed to look and feel natural for a glow that attracts all the good vibes..


The practice of taking selfies is popular on most social mediums. But it’s not always a loving one. It often leaves room for self-scrutiny which can be toxic to our mental health and damaging to our self esteem.


Create a HTC that challenges people to take a new kind of a selfie.

We tasked users with creating selfie videos that tell the world what they love most about themselves, beyond just their looks. We asked them to go deep, and really celebrate themselves like they would any other person that they love.

Creators are using the products while celebrating themselves as well as reinforce that a skin care ritual/routine is an expression of self-love. Because she loves herself, she takes care of her skin. The result: a glow the world can see.

Client(s): TikTok for Clorox
Creative Lead: Chris Eyerman
Lead Strategists: Nechama Muchnik, Dani Xavier DAVID MAXWELL
Sales Executive: Jamie Johnson