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TikTok | Support Black Businesses

SBB / 2021
From TikTok

“The thought and careful consideration behind how we choose to curate this partnership stems from generations of economic hardships for Black entrepreneurs and more specifically Black people. Our goal as marketers and partners is to ensure that the story told reflects the continued fight that small Black own businesses continuously face for representation and equity. Everything down to the number of participants, to the typeface of specific logos and the color ways for merchandise and material has been carefully crafted. Our goal is to amplify the history behind “40 acres and a Mule” alongside the strides that Black own businesses have made thus far.


Ethos, Branding and Identity for the creative behind TikTok’s Support Black Businesses campaign, built to 4 pillars:

support economic growth of Black-owned small businesses on TikTok and protect them from bad actors within the platform. 

Educate current and future Black-owned business owners on TikTok’s e-commerce capabilities. We also plan to showcase the unique opportunity to grow customer bases and build community.

Elevate Black entrepreneurs and their businesses, on and off platform, internally and externally. Ultimately, we will highlight the benefits of purchasing from Black-owned businesses.

Consistently embed representation into our platforms business opportunities.


TikTok Support Black Businessses Series Pilot



Client(s): TikTok
Creative Lead: DAVID MAXWELL
Lead Designer: DAVID MAXWELL
Photographer DAVID MAXWELL
Cinematographer: DAVID MAXWELL

Lead Strategists: Christina Parrish, Sandra Manzanarez, Sondra McKinney, DAVID MAXWELL, Mefah Joyner