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Rosedale Center

Back To School Campaign / 2019
From Walker Art Center

Rosedale Center, a 50+ year old, widly known shopping center sitting on roughly 1,149,487 square feet recently developed its facilities in the last few years, through renovations costing over $80M. In the midst of pivoting their branding into an cutting egde, artistic and immersive space, we partnered on a month long brand takeover for their BACK TO SCHOOL campaign.

This collaboration included contribution from brands such as NIKE, DKNY, Sorbel and Converse.

The takeover included social platforms, physical displays, videos, interactive games, and stills.
View digital takeover HERE

Creative Director: DAVID MAXWELL
Stylist: Jahna Peloquin
Project Manager: Sarah Fossen & Sarah Lea
Agency: Hubbard