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Clouds are magical. Watching them float across the sky can be enchanting and whimsical. However, they can drastically morph into powerful and dominant beings when they storm. DAVID MAXWELL presents  to you an elegant and interactive lamp, minimal in style and honest in material built to either enlighten or intensity your atmosphere. Enjoy.

For instalations or commission orders please contact hello@davidmaxwell.work

ØVERCAST for kids from DAVID MAXWELL on Vimeo.

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ØVERCAST Installation for Le Meridien Hotel from DAVID MAXWELL on Vimeo.


What are your lead times?

Lead times vary depending on the scope and nature of the project, in general we require 2-3 weeks for standard product and 6-10 weeks for custom projects. We also do have expediting options available for those on a time crunch.

Who does the installation?

All our standard Clouds are designed to be installed by yourself. For larger installations we can quote out installation assistance but often it is not necessary.

How do you price your Custom Clouds?

Custom sized and/or custom feature clouds are priced using a volumetric formula that factors in the various different features. We have an interactive quoting template that you can adjust size and feature values until you and your perfect cloud at your given budget.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship all over the world.