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Facebook Stories / 2018
From Facebook

In the  launching of the “Stories” feature I contributed via digital production and art direction to a $2M+ project, 57 videos in 14 shoots over 6 months which outperformed any other stories content produced on the platform to date.

THE CHALLENGE: Make people Stories producers.

1. Don’t have things that are post-worthy
2. Don’t know enough about it
3. Don’t see how it differs from other ways I share

Assignment: Create Video content served up through Stories to introduce, educate & inspire

These videos as a group perform among the highest tested for the key metrics, custom metrics, and intent metrics.

They performed well in sentiment testing of content, in if the ad felt like it was “for me” or “for everyone” and tested well among minorities.

Over-indexed on
  • “I have content that is worth posting to Facebook Stories”
  • “I understand how to use the tools featured in this ad”
  • “Facebook Stories help me share my everyday moments with the people who matter to me”
  • “Facebook Stories help people share more sides of themselves”
  • Intent Metrics of “share or post a story”


Select Work — 2021
TikTok x NIKE - “Play New”
    Onboarding NIKE onto TikTok, to discover sport in a new way (Read More)

TikTok Support Black Businesses
    → A program by TikTok to ensure that the story told reflects the continued fight that small, Black-owned businesses continuously face for representation and equity (Read More)

TikTok x Apple - “CODA”
    7 Billion views for TikTok & Apple’s movement within the deaf community. (Ask For More Information)
TikTok x BurtsBee’s - “Truly Glowing”
    9+ BILLION views for TikTok & Burt’s Bees messaging around self-love and glowing from within. (Read More)

Rosedale Center x David Maxwell Spring 2021 Campaign    The FIRST EVER large retail center NFT release (Read More)

Select Work — 2020
TikTok x Clorox x Billy Porter
11+ BILLION views for TikTok spring cleaning strategy (Read More)
Mezcal El Silencio x Bands In Town x Twitch - LIMBO
#1 Watched fashion show & music stream in Los Angeles (Read More)

Portfolio (Select Work) 
+ Branding + Strategy //Production //Product + Apparel //
Photography // Select Overview

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  1. Creative and Multi-media Artist Based in Los Angeles. CV available per request. (Read More)